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Want More FREEDOM As An Entrepeneur?

Work Less, Make More  & Spend Quality Time With Your Family.

I'm Chris, Founder of the FREEDOM Business System™ 

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Business Owner FREEDOM - It's Possible!

Stop being the bottleneck to your own growth. With the right focus, systematizing, delegating effectively & leveraging productivity tools we can create your ideal lifestyle as a small business owner.


Want to redesign your business to have your desired financial freedom? Embrace the right systems and stay in your sweet spot to ensure your financial independence and more. 


 Free up time to work ON your business, not just IN it. Time is a precious commodity. Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to do it all - and you're the bottleneck


What good is a full bank account and success if you come home to bankrupt relationships?  Take ownership of your business to invest in what matters most - your loved ones

Your success is my goal.

I help you design a business you want around the lifestyle you desire. 

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This world is better when entrepreneurs are fully alive, living out their strengths.

A Little About Me - And Maybe YOU

I'm Chris Niemeyer. Husband. Dad of 4. World traveler.

I'm an entrepreneur, real estate investor, crypto enthusiast and coach to small business owners. 

If I’m not traveling with my wife and kids or running my businesses remotely, I help fellow entrepreneurs work ON their business instead of IN it. I help others learn to work smarter, not harder - it's a passion. 

It wasn't always this way. My first job was in the business world of politics. President of a large PAC, I burned the candle at both ends (60+ hour work weeks!) and just about burnt out. The money was good, my lifestyle wasn't. A major pivot came in the form of a come-to-Jesus moment pulling over to the side of the highway in tears. (Ask me about it sometime.) I had to change if I were to be the husband, father & leader I knew I was called to be. 

Jumping out of that world with both feet, I started my entrepreneurial journey. We built our first multi-million dollar sales business. Then I became a dad! I wanted more time. I re-imagined my life and re-focused my business. I wanted to be all-in with my family to create a lifestyle we desired. I leaned into hiring, delegating, systematizing and scaling myself out of a job. You can too!

I'm a family man to the core. If I'm not investing in real estate or helping other small business owners create lifestyle freedom, I'm likely at a beach here in Florida or coaching my kid's sports activities.

"Chris is a man of utmost integrity. He lives out 100% what he teaches. What I admire most about Chris is his ability to connect with people and help them find their vision and separate out the components that hold them back from success."

Ken Carfagno
Owner, SMART Cleaning Biz

"Chris has coached me over the past 8 month. The breakthroughs in my mindset and light-bulb moments have been really helpful for me. I've worked with a number of paid coaches and Chris is by far the best I've had."

Jordan Peterson
Director, The Ritz-Carlton

"Chris' business leadership acumen and knowledge of business is second to none. He is also a visionary entrepreneur. Chris has a unique skill for taking care of customers at every stage of the customer lifestyle, from A-Z. Chris is likable, trustworthy and he really knows his stuff!"

Matt Dalbey
CEO, Generation Web

FREEDOM Business System™

Exclusive to business owners and online entrepreneurs. In this private, 1-on-1 coaching relationship we walk through my FREEDOM Business System™ for 6 months together. It's time to work ON your business, not just in it. 

Make more, work less. Realign your goals, schedule, systems and more to build the business owner lifestyle you desire. Create time to invest in yourself, your family, travel & more. 


Real Estate & Crypto Investor - and Coach

Aside from entrepreneurship, I love real estate and crypto. I've been an investor in both for many years and am avid about each topic. I now coach people on their real estate and crypto investing journeys. 

I believe that generational wealth is like a 3-legged stool consisting of your business profits (or job), real estate and financial investments. Understand why you need all 3 because multiple streams of income is key to lasting financial success. Get my crypto course here:

CRYPTO Course >>>


Ready to get out of your own way? Desire more time and financial freedom to do more of what you love?

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SAVE HUNDREDS of hours a year and get back more freedom! 


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