REInvest Real Estate Investing Course

Ready to Grow Your Money & Have It Work For YOU? 

Travel more, enjoy your free time, & create priceless family memories while making your money work for you

In the REInvest Real Estate Investing course + community, I help you smartly INVEST IN REAL ESTATE, protect you from inflation and create the dream income & lifestyle you desire. 


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Want to Start, Grow or Scale Your Real Estate Investing?

Savings accounts and mutual funds won't make you a multi-millionaire. Sorry for the hard truth.

You've heard all the amazing stories about passive income through real estate investing but it still seems complex. Curious where to go from here? 

Or, maybe you know that real estate is a great long-term wealth builder. But the next steps seem murky - and you'd rather not do it alone. 

How do I start? What do I do next?

It's time for action to live the lifestyle you desire!


Take Control of Your Financial Future

Here’s another hard truth:

The Wall Street game is fixed. The guys in charge win big while
the little guy loses - or waits 40+ years making a measly 6-7%.

Over 90% of millionaires own real estate.

 Inflation eats up the purchasing power of every paycheck, profit and stock purchase you make. 

It's time to diversify into real estate, enjoy passive income and get serious...or get left behind.

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There’s a better way. 

But how do you approach real estate investing?

How much do I need? Where to get started? What to do in what order?

My name is Chris Niemeyer, and I was once in your shoes.

I'm an entrepreneur of multiple companies, a real estate investor since 2012 and crypto enthusiast since early 2017.

But before this I was working 60-hour weeks, burning the candle on both ends, and sacrificing precious moments with my new family for career advancement.

Sure, I was making good money. But at what cost?

My come-to-Jesus moment was when I was driving home, and it suddenly hit me: I couldn’t do this anymore.

I left my job and dove headfirst into entrepreneurship and smart investing.

It was terrifying, especially since we had a son on the way . . .  


I got crystal clear on my purpose.

I didn’t want a repeat of my old job and investing tendencies.

I wanted thriving real estate investments to fund a lifestyle that would make me and my family proud.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I’ve built businesses, had 4 kids, & created a lifestyle where I can work remotely while traveling with my family.

Instead of boring savings and mutual funds, I target reinvesting in asset classes like rental properties, flips, multi-family units and more.

If you want a similar lifestyle and multiple streams of income—one that doesn’t surrender to the demands of your business or boss—then listen carefully. 

I’m going to share what I’ve discovered to be the secret recipe . . . 

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Introducing the Secret Weapon to Your Financial Freedom

They don't teach true wealth building in school.

The lack of financial literacy in our world is shocking. But you're here because you know there's a better way to reinvest in yourself, your profits and paycheck.

Over the past few years my experience in real estate deals include:


Passive income rental properties

Out of state investments

Fix and flips

Private & hard money lending

Single-family homes


Bankruptcy deals

BRRRR strategy 

Multi-family apartments

All-cash deals

Conventional financing

Short sales

Over $5,149,000+ real estate investments as of fall 2021


Getting clear on your personal investing strategy, allocation and asset classes is key.

Most people struggle through this on their own—oftentimes through their mistakes and failures.

This is why I’ve spent years crafting a shortcut.

The REInvest Real Estate Investing Formula

REInvest is an acronym and complete 8-step process to help you build an efficient and thriving investment strategy while also building the lifestyle you desire

This formula eliminates the complexities, answers your questions, saves you time, offers you a roadmap and helps you win!

You’ll have time to live the life you want. It’s time to make your money work for you.

 Invest smarter, not harder.

 Jamie Slingerland,
Founder, Freedom Life Journey

“Chris is my financial mentor and I've become wealthy through his coaching, teaching and mentorship! If you want to grow in your finances work with Chris!

Judy Gelber, PT, DPT
Owner, Forward Movement

“I was impressed with Chris' experience and knowledge. Now, I am equally impressed with his insight.  I will be achieving some of my 5-year goals within 1 year now.

Jordan Peterson,
Director, Ritz Carlton

“The breakthroughs in my mindset and lightbulb moments have been really helpful for me. I highly recommend anything he's offering.”

The Eight Keys of the REInvest Formula 

Financial & time freedom can be yours with the REInvest Real Estate Investing Formula. Here’s how:

#1 - REVIEW Your Current Assets & Goals

We start with where you are and where you'd like to be. What's your current investment strategy? How might this adapt to grow smarter? Get your personal financial statement in order.


Understand how the wealthy approach investing and asset building. This helps you plan and adjust accordingly for next steps on your wealth-building journey. Investment options & ideas.

#3 - INTENTIONAL Planning

Get clear setting SMARTER Goals as it relates to your reinvestment strategy. Clear next steps, milestones & strategies to help.

#4 - NEXT Steps

Lay out a plan for execution toward your plans and lead indicators set. Activities and deadlines to spur you along.

#5 - VET Opportunities

REI metrics to use, how to create opportunity filters, finding key partners and more. Resources and rules to follow.

#6 - EXECUTE & Expand

It’s time to grow. You've started out, have your foundation and you're ready to scale for smart REI investing. Execute and expand into markets & opportunities. Offer time!

#7 - SYSTEMATIZE to Scale

A list of systems, templates, resources and more to have in place as you grow. The "how and what" you've been looking for. Systems keep you on track.


Transformational living. With your investments in the right direction, set the goals and priorities to move your lifestyle forward. Maximize your personal and professional life. 

Start Your Journey To Financial Freedom Now 

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REInvest Formula: 1-on-1 Real Estate Investing Coaching


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  • 6-months of 1:1 real estate investment coaching with Chris Niemeyer (50 min monthly)
  • Monthly private real estate call to scale your investments and give clarity to your path
  • REInvest Real Estate Investing Course: REAL ESTATE on-demand, self-paced course curriculum 
  • Rental property investing guides, tips and resources spurs action
  • Real estate flip opportunities and metrics toward financial freedom
  • Introduction to key members in out of state markets 
  • SMARTER Goal framework to achieve lasting success
  • Templates, guides, worksheets & more to help your real estate investing thrive
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REInvest Real Estate Investing On-Demand Course + Mastermind Membership

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  • REInvest Capital Real Estate Investing Course: On-demand, self-paced course curriculum 
  • Hours of video content modules broken into topical sections
  • Rental property income & flip investing guides, tips, rules & resources for greater clarity
  • SMARTER Goal framework to achieve lasting success
  • Templates, guides, worksheets & more to help your real estate investing thrive
  • REInvest Real Estate & Crypto Monthly Mastermind Membership calls (Jan-June '22) 
  • Monthly live interviews with real estate and crypto experts (Jan-June '22) 
  • Monthly AMA calls on real estate & crypto investing (Jan-June '22) 
  • Buy your next property within 6 months 
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** A BONUS - Crypto Investing Resources **

Many of the people I coach also are interested in crypto. I've been a crypto enthusiast since early 2017 and heavily invested in this space. I created a course called Blockchain, Bitcoin & Crypto. If you decide to join the monthly community membership option we'll have some resources, discussions and experts on crypto, Bitcoin, NFTs and more! 

The Time Is Now 

Take control of your financial future.

Realign your goals, schedule, & assets to build the lifestyle you desire.

True time & financial freedom can be yours when you follow the sequential keys of the
REInvest Real Estate Investing Course

Inaction will keep you stuck. Fortune favors the bold.