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Annual Income Calculator

Use the annual income calculator below to track how much you'd like to make each year.  In addition, consider the variables and impact of how many hours and weeks you'd like to work?  Carefully considering your goals and calculating will help yield information on how to structure your business.

How Much Annual Income Do You Wish To Make In A Year?

How many hours a week do you wish to work?  50? 30?  Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average US worker puts in 44 hours per week, Gallup and other polls put the number between 47-49 hours. (And Forbes and Inc magazine calculate the average entrepreneur works nearly 60 hours per week.)

How many vacation days do you want off completely each year?   (Did you know the average US citizen takes 17.2 days off each year according to the US government?)

Get Clear On Your Ideal Numbers With This Calculator

Check out this annual income calculator to determine all these variables and what your hourly rate should be.

Are you charging enough for your products or service?  If you'd like to work less and make more - what do you need to change?  This annual income calculator gives fresh insight into your numbers.

Want to take a lot more time off?  Work less per week so you can spend time with your loved ones, travel more often, play, engage in hobbies, give back, or ???

What's "Normal" Annual Income In The USA?

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2017, the real median household income was $61,372.  In the latest numbers, the US Census Bureau calculated the median personal annual income in 2016 to be $31,099

The Impact of Calculating Your Annual Income

If you want to grow, scale AND work less, you must learn to delegate well. I've written other articles on this important topic for business owners. Try here for starters.

Play around with these variables of annual income, hours per week and weeks per year to determine what's ideal for your lifestyle.

After testing different numbers, what struck you? What surprised you or motivated you?


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