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Duties of an Entrepreneur - And How To Delegate Them

Let's discuss maximizing your potential as an entrepreneur.

As we repeatedly checked several important factors in previous posts, we noted some elements that kept on coming up. So from our deep-dive on creating guidelines for business owners to scale up, we’ve determined the top three duties of an entrepreneur and how to delegate them.

Business Strategist

Whether you are in retailing, a tech startup or a service provider, you are the master planner of the venture you’ve decided to take on. When starting out, you should be the one to clearly identify who your customers will be and what your product or service offerings are. You must establish how these deliverables are going to be completed. And finally, you must have a clear view of how are you going to make money out of it.

As the business grows, however, delegating this may become necessary. As one of the top duties of an entrepreneur, passing this on to someone else could be tricky. To effectively scale up, you might want to check on hiring expert business strategist. People who have a proven track record in this field who know better than you. This frees up your time and allows you to assign the task to someone else with confidence.

Workforce Management and Training

Business leaders are expected to create a positive working environment that allows your workforce to perform at their best capacity. This means handling complaints, dismissals and compensation will be part of your duties. Considering long term goals though, you must create a specific department for the workforce management for your business to grow.

As the person who knows the business inside-out better than anyone else, you are the master trainer of the organization. It would obviously take too much of your time if you take on this responsibility as your business scales up. Thus, it is crucial that the pioneers of your organization are trained to become good leaders and effective trainers.

Finance Officer

We become entrepreneurs to make money - which makes anything involving finances a critical role. Many business owners find it easier to manage finances on their own - especially those who are just starting up. But since this role involves the daily management of finances, including payables, receivables, payroll, and expenses, it could hamper your growth as it would eat up a substantial chunk of your time.

Hiring experts in this field helps you carefully maintain error-free records. They can help you identify areas where you can save and do the daily operational tasks for you. If you need someone to help you make decisions on financial strategies with the bigger picture, an accountant would be perfect for the task.


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