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Getting Clients

Getting Clients - The C.L.I.E.N.T.S. System Approach

Getting clients - an age-old question and issue for anyone in business. Customers, consumers, users, patrons - call them what you want. But CLIENT is the word we’ll use and I prefer. 

A “client” implies a connection stronger than just a transactional customer. It moves beyond the sale toward someone you care about and serve. He feels the professional service rendered to them and typically feels a stronger connection and affinity with the brand, company and their staff. 

Many entrepreneurs talk about “wowing” or, “going above and beyond” to serve.  But what does that mean, practically speaking? And, in times like this COVID-19 pandemic, how do you serve your existing base and get new ones?  

It may feel that business is shut down in many respects (and believe me, I know firsthand some industries are getting pummelled). Many people feel the financial pain and are keeping their wallets closed. But not all of them.  What else could be done, even if this may be the case? There are many actions you can take to getting clients.  

I propose the C.L.I.E.N.T.S. System to keep your clients happy, earn new ones and retain them for life. In one of my companies, we have clients that are still around ever since we began back in 2006. After growing this online travel company to a 7-figure business and leading a team to serve our clients, I’ve learned that a focused approach goes a long way in consistently serving our thousands of clients each year. With the right system, you too can deliver exceptional results. 

I’m Chris Niemeyer, an entrepreneur, small business owner, business coach and consultant. I help you get clients, work your cash flow and find ways to collobarate.  I serve as a fractional executive to many in the coaching and consulting that I do. I’ll be happy to help you get more clients, grow your business and become more resilient to economic uncertainty.

When following the C.L.I.E.N.T.S. System you’ll ensure a strong communication and commitment to and from your clients. It will be reciprocal. Whether in recession or boom-times you’ll enjoy the flow of communication, serving and staying “top of mind”. You’ll also realize new ways to broaden your base - even getting your clients to do some of the work for you! 

To book a time to discuss the C.L.I.E.N.T.S. System and see if it could be a fit to grow your business, email me or select a time on my calendar to connect. Here’s to getting more clients! 


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