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How To Gain Confidence

Curious about how to gain confidence?  Read along for some insights into this important area and the best ways to gain confidence.

We all want to have more confidence. Whether it's confidence in ourselves, our jobs, our relationships - we'd like an extra boost of assurance in how we approach life. But how do we actually boost confidence?  What holds us back? Anyone can gain confidence by following these guidelines.

It Starts With Facing Our Fear

Truly facing your fear sounds like a daunting task, right?  It's not once you define what's holding you back. Everyone has a FUD Factor - fear, uncertainty and doubt. How are they affecting?  Where are they holding you back? By facing the FUD, you begin the path to gain confidence.

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing.” - Theodore Roosevelt

What's the Path To Boost Confidence?

We tend to want confidence now - without doing a little work upfront. There's a framework for gaining confidence, having courage and doing more.

  • Call It Out - what is it you're most afraid of? Define it.
  • Make a Commitment - how and when will you proceed? What big goal do you want to accomplish?
  • Engage Your Connections - reach out to your circle of influence.
  • Grow in Courage - through action, fear diminishes and courage grows.
  • Remember and Exercise Your Capabilities - your competencies are reinforced in the doing.
  • Stay Consistent - continuing down the path and putting the work in leads you to confidence.
  • Engage in Community - doing this together emboldens and encourages you on the way to gaining confidence.

Become More Confident at The Brave

A live-coaching course on the 8 C's to Confidence will be launching soon. I host this group over at The Brave along with my good friend and amazing executive business coach, Michael McGreevy.

Jump on the waitlist and let's better understand how to gain confidence. By understanding the dynamic steps of the 8 C's to Confidence and doing the work each week, you'll be on your path to build confidence in big ways.  Confidence building is sequential - not immediate. Taking the necessary steps - and doing so in community with others - is a powerful way to ensure lasting confidence and meaningful life.

What would your career look like if you had more confidence?

How could your relationships improve?

If you build more confidence, how would your health, wealth, and lifestyle get better?  Check out how to become more confident HERE


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