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Ways To Work With Chris

How Can I Serve You? 

What are some ways I work with small business owners and online entrepreneurs? Let's explore the multiple ways to connect via an active coaching relationship, consulting, going through a course or a blend of all.  Plus, some FREE ways to learn from me through some free content I share online through blogs and podcasts.

“Hey, can I pick your brain?”  

You’ve probably heard this before, maybe even said it - I know I have. (As an aside, doesn’t it sound like brain-picking would hurt?!)  

I’m asked this often and have spent countless hours over meals, coffee, phone calls and Zoom meetings with people wanting to talk shop. But there’s only so much of me to go around - and I’m reserving more of that for family these days. As my time is less available, I wanted to point out some ways I can help you without even hiring me. 

What follows is a sequential way where I’ve served out content on many topics. From free to paid, you’ll see ways to work with me.  Of course, if you really want to level up and get quality, dedicated time with me, I have ways to do that as well - through coaching, consulting and courses I offer. 

Blog Posts

Cash Flow Forecaster

5 Crucial Tips for Delegating

Standard Operating Procedures

How to Gain Confidence 

4 PROVEN Ways to Save 200+ Hours A Year


I enjoyed co-founding and being the co-host of the Entrepreneurial Family Man podcast. We addressed significant topics facing business owners who strive to also be successful at home as husbands and fathers. 

Ways to Maximize Family Time

5 Actions to Build Financial Resilience

Marry the Mission, Date the Methods

Ways To Approach Dating Your Wife

Goals & Mastermind

Along with my good friend and top executive coach, Michael McGreevy, I run a group called The Brave. If you want clarity on your goals, a solid process to big accomplishments and a like-minded community of peers and us as coaches, then The Brave is for you. A few times a year we offer an 8-week group where we meet weekly on Zoom covering the "8 C's to Confidence" to put you on a solid path to achieving big goals and dreams.  Additionally, we offer an ongoing community and mastermind where you can have ongoing support, collaboration and accountability to live your best life.  


Courses, Coaching & Consulting

C.L.I.E.N.T.S & Cash Flow 

Clients and cash are the lifeblood of any business. Lose one and you soon won't have the other. Then you’ll be in a heap of trouble. This signature element of my FREEDOM Business System™ is a focused 6-week program blends course + 1-on-1 coaching.

With a few focused coaching calls, practical coursework and resources you will identify what you need to do to shore up a client base with amazing repeat and referrals. Understanding and managing your cash flow and forecasting that will provide the peace of mind you need to move forward as a successful entrepreneur.

$1,997. Schedule a Call to Learn More.

or CLICK HERE to Reserve Your Spot


1-on-1 Coaching & Consulting

I custom design coaching and consulting packages to meet your needs. Want help navigating an area of growth in your business and discerning opportunities?  Desire help with building solid systems and processes, SOPs and more so your business can run without you?  Or perhaps a more whole-person focus so you can become the best spouse, parent and business leader you know you can be? 

3-month packages beginning at $4,000.  Schedule a Call to Learn More. 

FREEDOM Business System™

Want to learn how I work less, make more and spend quality time with my family - so you can too?  In this course + coaching we work together in a focused sprint for 100 days.  Then, 3 months of private coaching to keep you accountable and reach your goals.

Going through the FREEDOM Business System™ 7-part framework, you will identify where you could be the bottleneck to your own growth and time. We will uncover some of the practical issues of your work and calendar along with mindset that could be holding you back from a true lifestyle of more freedom. For 100 days - in a combination of several coaching sessions, course homework, developing systems, practical resources and tools - we will map out and clearly provide the roadmap for you to gain the time and financial freedom you desire. Then another 3 months of ongoing coaching so you achieve your ideal lifestyle.

Starting at $7,500.  Schedule a Call to Learn More. 

or CLICK HERE to Reserve Your Spot


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