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In the darkest days of COVID, April and May 2020, I was faced with a stark reality: my business was dying (or was it dead?!) 

The online business I founded with my wife back in 2006 was on life support. (A travel business with a dozen employees - but noboby could travel due to the pandemic!)

And the lifestyle and financial freedom I had enjoyed from it for so long were crumbling. The various "hobby businesses" I was involved in at the time weren't bringing in the income I now needed. I had to get serious. What was I to do? How was I going to reinvent myself? 

Faced with these realities and yet a newfound sense of opportunity, I took a personal day retreat here in Florida and asked myself a series of the following questions. I took a good hard look at my journey thus far - from college until that day. Assessing my skillsets, interests, how I'd changed, who I was becoming, what I wanted for me and my family and so much more. 

What follows are many of those questions and...

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