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Four Easy Steps To Overcome Fear

Four Easy Steps To Overcome...

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt & More

Fear, uncertainty, doubt, anxiety - it's all real and we deal with daily.  In fact, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) states there are over 40 million adults in the USA alone (over 18% of the population) that has an actual anxiety disorder. Fear is crippling us. So how do we deal with this and live a life that's thriving?  Is it possible?  What follows are four easy steps to overcome the feelings and thoughts that starve us of a fulfilling life.

Anyone Can Thrive By Following These Four Easy Steps to Overcome Fear

Many of us simply want to avoid fear and feelings of anxiety. We're programmed and wired this way. Our brain has a direct response to situations where we filter the situation through our amygdala and decide: fight, flight, appease or freeze.  That's our natural instinct.

  • Do we fight this head-on (in early days, think: this predator wants to attack me, do I fight it?)
  • Do we...
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