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Investing in Cryptocurrency

Investing in Cryptocurrency

Crypto? Blockchain? Smart contracts? DeFi? Ledgers? Wallets?  How much do you know about these topics and would you like to learn more? Investing in cryptocurrency is a hot question on lots of people's minds these days and I'm here to simply offer what I've learned over the years. 

I've been talking more openly online recently about my cryptocurrency investing journey. Frankly, I was a little surprised by all the questions, messages and texts I received from friends, family and acquaintances. The curiosity of how to invest in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, in general, was high!  I guess it's one of those things where "what's ordinary to me is extraordinary to someone else." 

Thus, I've gathered many of those questions, thoughts and resources I'd like to share here about cryptocurrency investing. Also, I have some referral codes for free Bitcoin if you want to start with as little as $100. 

Interested in asking questions and learning...

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How To Delegate

Save At Least 50 Hours a Year with this One Delegation Tactic.

Admittedly, learning how to delegate effectively is not something learned overnight.  If you are good at what you do, you've likely mastered your craft and have found some ways to be good at other areas of your business. Learning to let go - and the fear of losing control - is real for many entrepreneurs.  Delegation takes practice, refinement, and updating.  But you have to start!  Let's dive in to see why delegating is so effective and ways to get started in learning how to delegate.

Let's Start With A Delegation Example

If you're in business, you're collecting money. (Last time I checked you had to be making some money to be in business.)  So let's start here and discuss one small area of your workweek in collecting payments.

Let's say you've mostly automated your invoicing, reconciling payments, etc.  You've got it down to a science and you can do all the manual invoicing or reviewing of...

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