Grow Your Business AND Live A Lifestyle of FREEDOM

Travel more, enjoy your free time, and create priceless family memories while working in your sweet spot

The FREEDOM Business System™ is your solution to creating the lifestyle you want 
while growing a successful business.

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Ready to Truly Work ON Your Business Not Just IN it?

You had high hopes when you created your business.

You planned to grow this passionate business into a successful wealth-generating machine all while enjoying more time with people who matter to you. 

But you’re only seeing part of that success now.

Sure, your business is successful. You’ve worked hard to grow it to where it is today. 

Yet, you’re asking yourself a hard question:

What does success mean if it’s not giving me the lifestyle I desire?


Although I'm doing fine financially, I get overwhelmed about keeping it all together. Can I scale up for a future that's less dependent on me? How do I grow in a sustainable way


I realize time is my most precious commodity.  I need to reorganize my time priorities for what really matters. Being the bottleneck just won't work any longer. Realigning my schedule is key.


I need to be better about consistently investing in my loved ones. What good is it if I'm building up a bank account but coming home to empty and bankrupt relationships?

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Your Business Doesn’t Have to Consume You

Here’s another sad truth:

While you’re growing the business, your kids at home are growing. 

Your business may be forcing you to . . .

Miss family meals.

Watch your children grow up through memories captured on social media.

Work on vacation - if you even take one!

Show up with no energy whenever you are with your family.

Meanwhile, the results in your business are just as catastrophic. 

You’ve realized you’re the bottleneck to your own growth. 

You’re wearing multiple hats as the business owner, creating frustrated clients or team members who want to be doing more.

You’re losing key employees to opportunities where their skills are being used.

And your competition is quickly advancing, leaving you in an arms race that’s burning you out. 

There’s one culprit to blame for all of this . . . 

Your business is running you instead of you running it.

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There’s a better way. 

I Was Doing Business All Wrong

My name is Chris Niemeyer, and I was once in your shoes.

Working 60-hour weeks, burning the candle on both ends, and sacrificing precious moments with my new family for career advancement.

Sure, I was making great money. But at what cost?

My come-to-Jesus moment was when I was driving home, and it suddenly hit me: I couldn’t do this anymore.

I left my job (President of a large PAC) and dove headfirst into entrepreneurship.

It was terrifying, especially since we had a son on the way . . . 


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I got crystal clear on my purpose.

I didn’t want a repeat of my old job, where I was wearing multiple hats and missing mealtimes with my wife.

I wanted a thriving business and a lifestyle that would make me and my family proud.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Since that moment, I’ve built  businesses with multi-million dollars in sales, had 4 kids, and created a lifestyle where I can work remotely while traveling with my family.

If you want a similar lifestyle—one that doesn’t surrender to the demands of your business—then listen carefully. 

I’m going to share what I’ve discovered to be the secret recipe . . . 

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Introducing the Secret Weapon to Business Freedom and Success

I was surprised to find they don’t teach business freedom in schools today. They teach plenty about how to start a business, but never touch on how to not be consumed by it

Most entrepreneurs and business owners have to learn this on their own—oftentimes through their mistakes and failures.

This is why I’ve spent years crafting a shortcut.

You could spend years doing what I did: wasting precious time being stressed in your business while missing out on meaningful moments . . .

Or, you can invest in my shortcut.

The FREEDOM Business System™

A complete 7-step process PLUS personal coaching from me to help you build an efficient and thriving business while also building the lifestyle you desire

This system eliminates stress, saves you time, builds systems, leverages productivity hacks, and helps you delegate effectively.

You’ll transform into a true business owner so you have time to live the life you want.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

As Featured In:

 Jeff Morre,
Founder/CEO, Aeon Apparel 

“I doubled my storefront and online sales, developed new ways to make business connections, and found more resources to learn and grow in my professional and personal life. I highly recommend working with Chris!

Judy Gelber, PT, DPT
Owner, Forward Movement

“The FREEDOM Business System™ feels like a turbo boost to my business momentum. I was impressed with Chris' experience and knowledge. Now, I am equally impressed with his insight.  I will be achieving some of my 5-year goals within 1 year now.

Jordan Peterson,
Director, Ritz Carlton

“The breakthroughs in my mindset and lightbulb moments have been really helpful for me. I've worked with a number of paid coaches and Chris is by far the best I've had. I highly recommend anything he's offering.”

The Seven Steps of the FREEDOM Business System™ 

Financial & time freedom can be yours with the FREEDOM Business System™. Here’s how:

#1 - FOCUS On Your Strengths

Been stretched too thin for too long? Time to get back to your life and business purpose. We'll rediscover the strengths to help you live on purpose. Get clear on your WHY, update your mission, vision and USP - your compass for moving forward. Identify ways to work ON your business, not just IN it. 

#2 - RE-ENGINEER Time & Business Building

Time, not money, is your greatest asset. But most business owners waste their time on low-leverage tasks. We'll audit your current schedule, complete an ideal workweek, explore batching, time-blocking and more for efficiency and focus. You will reimagine what's possible as we re-engineer. 

#3 - EXECUTE Systems & SOPs

Without clear systems, your business will be a rat race and you'll be the bottleneck. In this step, we work together to build the systems that will have your business running like a machine. We'll identify and create SOPs and streamline the procedures that matter. 

#4 - EQUIP Your Team

Your team is waiting to grow - and for you to hand them more responsibilities. They want to stretch their talents in the workplace. In this step, we equip your team so they can become A-players who run your business without you. Creating a lean and efficient business is your reality.

#5 - DELEGATE Effectively 

Creating and keeping a team of A-players means nothing if you can’t delegate work to them. Here, you’ll learn how to resource your big vision so work gets done and you get more off your plate. We'll explore the blueprint to hiring, outsourcing, VAs & more.


It’s time to grow. But how do you know what’s an opportunity to pursue for your business and what’s a distraction? Identify deep work areas and construct an opportunity filter to gauge worthy business opportunities.

#7 - MAKE More Money & Memories

With your business running efficiently, it’s time to set the goals and priorities that will move both your business and your life forward. Keep working ON your business, not in it to maximize your personal and professional life. 

The FREEDOM Business System™ Includes:

  • The W.H.Y. Indicator Exercise
  • Strengths, Abilities & Alignment Assessment
  • Your Business Building Exercise
  • Time Inventory Analysis
  • SOP Guide, Checklist & Templates
  • Automation & Productivity Workflows
  • Eisenhower Matrix Guide
  • Outsourcing & VA Formats
  • Hiring Resources & Templates
  • Blue Sky Thinking Exercise
  • Opportunity Matters Matrix
  • Customized Cash Flow Forecaster
  • Memories Matter Planning Guide
  • & Much More

6-Months Signature 1-on-1 Coaching + Course

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  • 6 months 1-on-1 Coaching with Chris Niemeyer ($9,000 value)
  • FREEDOM Business System™ on-demand course curriculum ($7500 value)
  • 100 Day Program on-demand downloadable materials
  • Assessments, templates, workflows, worksheets & more to help your business thrive
  • 6-months of email support
  • Direct coaching accountability to reach your goals
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3-Months 1-on-1 Coaching + Course



  • 3 months 1-on-1 Coaching with Chris Niemeyer ($4,500 value)
  • FREEDOM Business System™ on-demand course curriculum ($7500 value)
  • 100 Day Program on-demand downloadable materials
  • Assessments, templates, workflows, worksheets & more to help your business thrive
  • 3-months of email support
  • Direct coaching accountability to reach your goals

FREEDOM Business Systemâ„¢ On-Demand Course


Self-Paced DIY Value

  • FREEDOM Business System™ on-demand, self-paced course curriculum ($7500 value)
  • 100 Day Program on-demand downloadable materials
  • Assessments, templates, workflows, worksheets & more to help your business thrive
  • 30-minute Needs Analysis Call ($450 value)
  • 30-minute Course Wrap-Up Action Call ($450 value)

The Time Is Now 

Realign your goals, schedule, systems and more to build the business owner lifestyle you desire.

True time and financial freedom as a business owner can be yours when you follow the sequential steps of the FREEDOM Business System™ with an experienced coach to help.

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